Picture1My name is Pamela Walker-Williams and I have had the pleasure of creating digital media products for a wide variety of clients.

  • I have designed websites for New York Times best-selling authors
  • I have developed e-Learning course-ware for astronauts and flight controllers
  • I have managed training projects for a  major oil and gas company
  • I have managed a Learning and Development group for an institution of  higher education
  • I have produced print and digital layouts for non-profits, publishing houses, and a global software conglomerate.

My skills and experience are augmented by a Master’s Degree in Digital Media (Instructional Technology Concentration) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication.

I love communicating visually and enjoy working with clients to bring their ideas to fruition.  I’m interested in new career opportunities, expanding my network, and facilitating connections between skilled professionals and those needing their services.  I am available for hire and welcome serious inquiries.

This online portfolio includes a few samples of my work.  For a detailed list of accomplishments, please request a password to view my resume.