Pamela is one of the most capable and dependable project leaders I have worked with in my 20+ years in the Aerospace business. Pamela is excellent in leading professionals to get the best business results possible. She is also extremely creative and has the technical skills to match, which enabled our team of developers to produce excellent computer-based training products, which were used to instruct a range of customers from the general workforce to Astronauts in training at NASA. I highly recommend Pamela for any job requiring high-level technical skills together with the ability to work effectively in a team.

I was able to observe Pamela in her supervisory, managerial role at United Space Alliance for over a decade. Pam’s professional organizational skills as a supervisor are excellent. Her ability to humanize the role of the manager and keep the department working well as a team were strengths I particularly admire. Without a doubt, Pam’s technical skills, knowledge and abilities in the field of instructional technology and design would be an asset to any organization and they serve to give her the credibility that makes her a superb manager, bringing together clients and colleagues to provide successful instructional materials.



I have worked closely with Pam, for many years, in both the corporate and freelance arena. She is a good communicator, with clients, developers, and management. Pam respects deadlines and is able to balance staff and client needs. Her customer interactions are handled in a very professional manner. Pam regularly improves her skills in current and upcoming technologies.

Pamela brings energy and new ideas that can ignite a team. She is very detail oriented and focused. Her knowledge of computer based training and learning management is excellent and she has a unique method of implementing new techniques and strategies to aid in learning new concepts. Pamela is always open to take on additional tasks or assist others in her group. She is very personable, with a high degree of professionalism. I highly recommend Pamela for any role that requires positive energy, innovative training ideas, exceptional technical knowledge and excellent team building skills.

Pamela did an excellent job of managing projects at United Space Alliance while maintaining a customer focus. She ensured that the instructional needs of the organization were met with products that fulfilled the training objectives. She also helped to keep the instructional designer team focused on the end goal, and she provided project reports right on time. It was a delight to work with Pam!


Pam was a tremendous asset to me when I was preparing my Skillsoft training program at Parker. She helped step by step and tested the final product before it went live. I would highly recommend her for any training development initiative you might have.

Pamela was an enthusiastic student with a professional attitude and work ethic, who was particularly well informed about the digital media field.